Valentine's Day: If your child chooses to pass out Valentines to their classmates, please be sure there are 25, no students names are on the individual Valentines, and there is no food is attached to them. Thanks!

Reading: Last week during reading workshop we worked on writing retells of a fiction story.  We have been using the “Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then, and Finally” to help us.  Students tell the main character, what they wanted,  what the problem was, the events the main character goes through to try to solve the problem, and finally the solution.  Students also write about the author’s message in their written retells.  This week students were placed in book clubs to review important concepts we have learned in our fiction unit.  Ask your child about the book they are reading and have them retell the story for you!

Phonics: In phonics we have started our 3rd unit – “Reading From Tip to Tail”.  In this unit we are learning about reading words from the beginning to the end of the word.  So far we talked about the importance of reading the whole word and not guessing the word based on the beginning of the word.  We also learned about word endings!

Writing: In writing we have started our second personal narrative.  Students brainstormed new personal narrative ideas, selected a topic, planned their stories, and have started drafting the beginning of their draft.  We learned about how to “hook” our readers by starting our stories with a sound, talking, describing the setting, or a question.  Ask your child how they decided to start their personal narrative.

Snap Words: We are practicing how to read and spell these snap words in school.  Please help your child review these words at home as well!

Math: Over the past two weeks we have started and wrapped up the second half of module 5 – comparing two-digit numbers using comparison symbols. During this unit students learned to look at the tens place of two-digit numbers to compare the larger/less value.  Students also learned if both two-digit numbers had the same value in the tens place, they need to then look at the value in the ones place to compare the numbers.  Students also learned to compare addition equations and order two-digit numbers. Students will bring home their pre/post assessments for module 5 next week. We will begin Module 6 – Fact Families on Tuesday!

Science:We have started our new science unit - Matter!  Students learned that everything is made out of matter. We will learn about one type of matter – solids.  We learned that solids have tightly packed molecules, they can be hard or soft, and they keep their shape.  Next week we will look at the other two states of matter– liquids and gases. We will learn that liquids and gases have looser packed molecules, so they take the shape of their containers. 

Upcoming Dates:

- Friday 1/17: No School – Institute Day

- Monday 1/20: No School – MLK Day

- Friday  1/24  &  Saturday 1/25: SL Aladdin Musical – 7:00-9:00

- Friday 2/7: BINGO Night - SL Cafetorium 6:30-8:30

- Thursday 2/13: Valentine’s Day Classroom Party; Early Release  - Students dismissed at 12:50

- Friday 2/14: No School - Institute Day

- Monday 2/17: No School – President’s Day

- Wednesday 2/26: 1st Grade Musical Performance – 6:15 (Please arrive between 5:45-6:00); Open House – 6:30-7:30




I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with relaxation, family, and fun!  See everyone in 2020!

Reading: During reading we have been  reading twisted tales of well known folktales.  While reading these twisted tales we have been reviewing the elements of fiction (character, setting, beginning – problem, middle –events, and end – solution).  We have also been reviewing how to describe a character bot h on the outside and inside (character traits and feelings).  Lastly we have been reviewing the life lesson the author was teaching through their stories.  When we return from break we will use these skills reviewed to continue working on retelling a fiction story.

Phonics: In phonics we have been studying how to read difficult words by applying what we have learned about word parts.  We learned we can break words up by syllables when they have letter twins (kitten), we can pay attention to the betting of the word (blend or digraph), we can break the word ending off so we read the base word first, we can look for vowel teams (when two vowels go a walking, the first one does the talking), we can watch out for unusual words (contractions), and we can look for parts that we know from other words.

Writing: In writing we have published our personal narratives. Most students have recorded their stories and this will be posted to Dojo soon!  We will be writing another personal narrative after break, but this time focusing on adding more detail, adding a hook, and possibly dialogue!

Math: Over the past two weeks we have been working on the firs half of Module 5 – doubles.  Students used their knowledge of doubles to solve doubles+1 and doubles+2 addition problems. An example of this is, if you know that double 5 is 10, then you can solve 5+6 because you double the 5 and add one to make 11.  Same can be done to solve 5+7 because 7 is two more than 5 - all you have to do is double 5 and add two to make 12.  Students pre and post assessments for this first half of Module 5 will be coming home after break.  We will work on the second half of Module 5 – place value, after break! 

Social Studies: Over the past two weeks we have learned about Kwanza and Christmas.  Kwanza is a cultural holiday to celebrate African Customs.  People who celebrate Kwanza light a Kinara, exchange gifts, and eat fruits and vegetables.  Christmas is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  People who celebrate Christmas decorate Christmas trees, believe in Santa, and exchange gifts with others.  We will discuss New Years when we return from break, before starting our next science unit – States of Matter!

Upcoming Dates:

- December 21st – January 5th: Winter Break

- Friday 1/17: Institute Day – No School

- Monday 1/20: MLK Birthday – No School











Reading: The past two weeks we have been working on retelling the key details (important parts) of fiction books.  We have been including characters, the setting (where and when),  the problem, actions of the characters, and solution in our retells.  We have been using the sentence stems of “In the beginning…”, “In the middle…”, and “In the end…” when orally retelling fiction stories.  At home I encourage students to practice oral retells after reading fiction stories with their parents or family members.  Yesterday we learned the difference between describing the outside of a character (what they look like) and inside character (who they are as a person – in their heart).  Next week we will continue working on describing the characters in fiction stories.

Writing: In writing we have moved on to our new unit – Personal Narratives! We have generated different ideas, chosen a seed idea (zoomed in short moment), and have planned the beginning, middle, and end of our stories.  Today we started writing the beginnings of our stories.  We made sure to add good details to our story to make sure the reader isn’t wondering who is in the story, where the story is taking place, and the action of the characters.  Next week we will write the middle and end of our stories!


We have started our second phonics unit – “The Mystery of the Silent E”.  In this unit we will be learning about how the silent “e” at the end of a CVC word turns the vowel form short to long(mat – mate). So far we have focused on CVCe words that have the vowel a.  Next week we will be applying our CVCe knowledge to words with all vowels!

Math: We have finished Module 3 – measurement and two-digit numbers.   In this Module we learned how to measure using nonstandard units.  We also went more in depth with two digit numbers, focusing on groups of tens and ones.   Students will come home on Monday with their pre and post assessments to show their growth. We also took our Module 4 pre-assessment, so we can start Module 4 next week.  In Module 4 we will be focusing on subtraction word problems!

Science/Social Studies: We have wrapped up our Rocks and Soil science unit by finishing chapter 3 this week (soil).  Students are now able to identify the three types of soil (sandy soil, humus soil, and clay soil), as well as identify traits of each soil.

Next week we will start our next social studies unit – Wants and Needs.  This is a short unit that focuses on the differences between the wants and needs of a person.  We will then move into our Winter Traditions social studies unit! 

Upcoming Events:

- Monday 11/18: Early Release – students dismissed at 12:50 & Parent-Teacher Conferences

- Wednesday 11/27 – Friday 11/29: No School - Thanksgiving Break

-Friday 12/6: December Scholastic Book Orders Due - Class Code: HY7YG (This order will be in before winter break.  Books make great holiday presents!!!)

-December 21st – January 5th: Winter Break








Upcoming Events: Yesterday officially marked the end of the first trimester!  Students have shown so much growth over these past 10 ½ weeks.  I am so proud of their hard work and dedication to learning.  Report cards will come home Wednesday 11/13.  Conferences will be held on Thursday 11/14 and Monday 11/18. On Monday I will be sending home conference reminder slips with each student.  Please read the reminder slip, check off if you will be attending your scheduled conference, and on the back of the reminder please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to discuss at your conference.  I look forward to seeing everyone at conferences!

Reading: In the past two weeks we have been working hard on identifying the story elements of fiction stories  - characters, setting (where and when), problem, and solution. We have also been practicing identifying the point of view of fiction stories – who is telling the story.  Students brought home their first fiction assessment yesterday.  In this assessment, students were asked to read a common story, The Tiny Tugboat, and identify the characters, setting, problem, and solution. This week we worked on identifying the difference between key details  and minor details .  Students learned that key details are important details that must be included in the story in order for the story to make sense and minor details make the story interesting.  We noticed that the problem and the solution of stories are key details, along with how the characters tried to solve the problem.  When we tell the key details of a story, we are retelling all of the important details from the story.

Writing: In writing we have published our first writing piece.  Students practiced taking a writing idea through the writing  process.  I will share these stories at our upcoming conferences!

Phonics: Next week we will  start our second phonics unit – the mystery of the silent e.  In this unit we will be learning about how the silent “e” at the end of a CVC word turns the vowel form short to long (mat – mate).

Math: This past week we have been reviewing important concepts from the first trimester.   We also took our trimester 1 math assessments.  I have these assessments to share with you at conferences. Next week we will be working on Module 3 – two-digit place value.  Students will identify groups of tens and ones, represent tens and ones with manipulatives and drawings, and write two digit numbers in words.  

Science: In science we have been working on our 2nd chapter in our Rocks and Soil learning.  This chapter focuses on how rocks change.  Students learned that rocks can change due to either weathering (breaking apart/down rocks) and erosion (movement of rocks and soil).  Next week we will wrap up chapter 2 and start the final chapter on soil!

Important Dates: 

- Friday 11/8 - Family Movie Night – 6pm-8pm (SL Cafeterium)

- Thursday 11/14 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

- Monday 11/18 - Early Release at 12:50

- Monday 11/18 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

- Wednesday 11/20 – Friday 11/22 - No School - Thanksgiving  Break









Upcoming Events: JOANIE’S CLOSET IS COLLECTING SNOW PANTS AND SNOW BOOTS.  New or gently used, clean boots/snow pants ONLY. No other items will be accepted at this time.COLLECTION DATES: Monday, October 21 through Friday, November 1. DROP OFF LOCATION: District 95 Administration Office - 832 South Rand Road (next to Walmart).  A donation box will be inside the building, please do not drop off anything outside.  Thank you for supporting Joanie’s Closet - providing basic needs to help District 95 students and their families  achieve their full potential.

Reading: This week during reading, we started our second reading unit – Fiction!  We started the unit by comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction texts.  Then we started examining and identify the story elements of fiction texts (characters, setting, problem and solution).  We also focused on identifying the author’s purpose (for fun or to teach a life lesson)   Next week we will continue to practice identifying story elements of fiction texts and identifying  the point of view of a fiction story story (who is telling the story – the narrator or the character).

Book Bags: After each guided reading lesson, students will take home the book we read and their guided reading journal home in their book bag.  When a student brings home a book in their book bag, they are to read the book with an adult and return the book to school the following day.  Students can share their guided reading journal with their parents, but please save the writing for school. Typically we spend two days on each book during guided reading, so you will see the same book two times before getting a new book.  Please know that your child will not be coming home every night with a book, so don’t be alarmed if they do not have their book bag in their green folder.

Writing: In writing each student choose an idea to write their first publish piece about. We then took time to carefully plan the beginning, middle, and end of our stories.  Today we started drafting the beginning of our stories by adding lots of details!  Next week we will continue to draft the middle and end of our stories and we will begin revising/editing!

Phonics: In phonics we have been working hard at studying the vowels in snap words.  We have continued our work as word detectives to look for blends, digraphs, vowels, and consonants in words.  This week we learned that some snap words can be used to make other words.  This is a strategy students can use when writing and spelling words they may not know.  Next week we will continue to work on spelling difficult words using our snap word knowledge!

Science: In science we have begun our leaning on Rocks and Soil.  In chapter 1 students learned that rocks can be organized by their properties (color, texture, hardness, luster, size, shape, layers, and fossils). Students participated in sorting rocks in many different ways, based on their properties.  Students also learned that we use rocks to build buildings, build statues, make jewelry, or eat as vitamins and minerals.  Next week we will learn about how rocks change – through weathering caused by water, wind, or ice.

Math: In math we have wrapped up our Module 2 learning (count on addition strategy and telling time to the hour) and have transitioned to the first part of Module 3 (measurement). Students practiced comparing lengths of items, as well as measuring items with nonstandard units (snap cubes) and identifying which object was longer or shorter. Students will be coming home today with their pre and post module 2 assessment.  Next week we will be reviewing important concepts from the first trimester before taking our trimester math assessment!

Upcoming Dates

- 10/23-10/27 - Next week is Red Ribbon week.  In 1st grade we will be talking about making healthy choices in our lives, such as eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting good sleep.  On Monday the whole school will signing a pledge to grow up safe, healthy, and drug free. Students will also come home with a coloring page for the Red Ribbon week coloring contest.  Please return these to school if your child would like to participate.

- Thursday 10/31- Reading Calendars Due

- Monday 10/21 - Culver's Night 4:00-7:00

- Thursday 10/24 - ELA Library Visit

- Thursday 10/31 Reading Calendars & Halloween Classroom Parties 1:30-2:30