As we read books together, we usually talk about the book and what we liked about it and how it made us feel or changed our thinking.  I found this follow up activity on the Fountas and Pinnell blog and thought it was a fun idea, so I am sharing it for our Wed. remote learning idea.  

"Read, Write, Action
Choose a book or poem to read to or with your child. Talk about the plot and the characters. Ask your child what made them laugh, what scenes of the book could they visualize…? Work together to transform the book into a play – talk about and write a script of the book you read. You could even gather props and perform the parts of the play together. Enjoy!!"

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Good Morning

I am looking forward to meeting with many students this week through zoom and continuing to read together. I spent yesterday exploring the ever increasing digital books so I am excited to share some of them with students. In addition, I am well on my way in creating a Seesaw account so that students, with whom I meet, can access our books easily from one location. Fingers crossed that it works well!

In your classrooms, you are continuing to meet in the morning and new choice boards are up for this week.  You can access them using the link below.

Today's tip is for our younger readers.  It is always good to go back to some of the books you have read and reread.  Rereading provides important reading practice and is an integral part of reading improvement. Keep it up!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Good Morning

Many families may not be getting together this weekend but I know many families will be keeping in touch through facetime, zoom, and other creative means. Consider also having your child go a more traditional route to communicate with loved ones. A card or letter is a joyful experience for family to receive in the mail and it is a wonderful writing activity for your child.  You can brainstorm vocabulary that they may want to use in their writing. The art of writing encourages organization of ideas and provides valuable word work and spelling practice. After they write, they may use creative means to decorate it and then encourage them to read the card to you and describe the picture they created.  Finally, don't forget to mail it!  

It has been such a pleasure seeing students again this week and I have really enjoyed reading with them again. As you know, today is our last day of the school week, as tomorrow (Friday) is a non-attendance day so I will not be posting tomorrow. Monday is an opportunity for teachers to continue to learn and collaborate, so it is also a day when you will not see a new post here.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!.  


Yesterday's beautiful weather was so good for the spirit. It really helped to think about all the kindness around us.  As we witness the events, we are constantly reminded of the good spirit of people.  At Spencer Loomis, kindness was an important quality we looked for in students and teachers and was always ready to share when we witnessed a random act of kindness.  

As you read, take time to talk about the acts of kindness found in books. Reflect on how these acts of kindness helped others in the story. You can even keep track of these on a chart or in a notebook.  Finally, what are acts of kindness that you can do, even from a distance? Add these to your list and try to do one of these acts, each day! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Good Morning

As I think about spring, I think about all the activities that go with spring.  While every family and even every child in each family probably has ideas about activities in spring, there is no denying that spring is a time that many people think about baseball.  For that reason, I am sharing a book to enjoy about a girl who wants nothing more than to play baseball. In fact, if there was anything in the world better than playing baseball, Marcenia Lyle didn't know what it was. 

The book is Catching the Moon by Crystal Hubbard

This book is offered by StorylineOnline. Check it out, as there is a wide selection of other books to enjoy. 

Have a great day.