Newsletter 2/7

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We have been continuing to read traditional literature. Traditional literature are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. We began by focusing on the story elements and how we can use those to summarize a text. 

Then we thought about the point of view that a text was written from. 

Finally, we have begun to develop ideas about our characters. We are working on identifying character traits and supporting those traits with evidence from the text. 



In math, we began by learning how to divide two digit numbers by one digit numbers. We explored remainders and discussed what to do with the remainder in different math problems. 


We then learned about adding and subtracting mixed numbers. We learned that you can separate the whole numbers and fractions. We focused heavily on regrouping fractions.  


Social Studies

We have launched into our Colonial Trade project. We began by researching our colonial trade. We are now using that research to write an essay describing our colonial trade. 


From Ms. Anderson 

Thursday February 13th is an early release. 

There is no school on Friday February 14 or Monday February 17. 


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