Newsletter 2/28

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Hello, and welcome to the newsletter for February 28. 


We have been continuing to read traditional literature. Traditional literature are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. We read two different versions of a Cinderella story. We analyzed the character traits, the character descriptions, the point of view and summarized the text. Our focus in reading has been to support our thinking with evidence from the text. 



In math, we have been focusing on how to divide multi-digit numbers. We have worked our way from dividing two digit numbers up to four digit numbers. We have learned many strategies, including partial quotients and the standard algorithm. We are able to choose the strategy we find most efficient!


Social Studies

We have finished our colonial trade project. We each choose a different colonial trade to research. We became experts on our trade and created a workshop to represent our trade. We presented our trades to other classes this week. Look for our presentations recorded on SeeSaw! 


From Ms. Anderson 

I am trying out a different type of reading log. I told the students that their goal is to read five days a week. They don’t have a specific amount of time that they need to read each night. The students need to record the pages they read each night. 


There is also an early release on Wednesday March 4. 


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