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In reading we have been analyzing the author's craft. Author’s add a lot more into their writing than just their words. When you are reading a text, first notice when something stands out. Then notice the technique. Next, we describe the part and last you explain author’s goal. We practiced this skill for five days and then took an assessment. 


Writing Workshop                                                                                                                        ln writing we just finished our animal books.Look out for are books on seesaw,and we are just starting are unit on writing an opinion essay. We studied essays to learn about their  parts. We wrote a Practice Essay on why we love ice cream. 



In math we finished our module 4. And now we are starting module 5. In module 5, we have begun learning about multiplication comparisons. We are learning how to draw tape diagrams to represent these comparisons. 


From Ms. Anderson 

We will be celebrating Harry Potter Day on December 5. Please have your student bring a glass jar and a stick for crafts in the classroom. 

We will have our Care of Magical Creatures lesson on Monday, December 2. Please sign and return the permission slip by Tuesday, November 26. 

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