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Hello, and welcome to the newsletter for December 13. 


In reading, we have begun a mini-unit on how to read historical texts. We have learned that when researching history, we need to focus on who were the players, how does the geography affect the events, and how are events related to each other. 

We are studying two famous colonies, Jamestown or Roanoke. Next Friday, we will be teaching other students about our topic with our group. 


Writing Workshop                                                                                                                        

We have begun writing our personal essays. We each chose a topic that interests us. Then we wrote a claim about our topic. We wrote reasons that support our claim. We are currently finding evidence, such as lists, facts, or mini-stories to support our reasons. 



In math we finished Module 5. These past two weeks, we have been focusing on how to convert metric units. We have looked at measurements of liquid, distance, and mass. We learned how to use metric conversions to solve word problems. We will be starting Unit 6 on Monday. 


From Ms. Anderson 

Next week is our spirit week! 

Monday is PJ Day. 

Tuesday is Sports Day.

Wednesday is Crazy Hair Day.

Thursday is Twin Day.

Friday is Holiday Wear Day. 


Thank you to everyone who helped make our Harry Potter day magical! 


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